About Me

Hi, I’m Tash!

Welcome to Tuned In Today!

I am a mom, wife, pharmacist, creative, and weightlifting coach. I recently quit my job as a pharmacist because I had severe burnout from the constant pressure and stress of working in a pharmacy coupled with a toxic work environment. Being a pharmacist is a VERY demanding profession!

My husband and I planned ahead so that I could quit my job and take a one year sabbatical from work to recover from burnout, enjoy life, spend more time with family, and explore my creativity.

At Tuned In Today I will share my journey of recovery from burnout. After working nearly 20 years in pharmacy, I became accustomed to a fast paced life full of pressure and expectations. It was causing exhaustion and was affecting my personal and family life.

A big part of my recovery has been tuning in to what matters most in my life every day. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities. As I slow down and really listen to my intuition I learn more about myself and what I need to thrive. Like healthy boundaries, quiet time, freedom to create, release from unrealistic expectations, people pleasing, and perfectionism.

I used to think my creativity was a weakness, but I’ve learned to love and embrace that part of me! Embracing creativity as part of our selves is important for self-acceptance and self-expression. At Tuned In Today you’ll get tips and encouragement to embrace your own creativity.

I will also share some stories of what it is really like to be on an unpaid work sabbatical and a little on how my husband and I planned for this journey and how we made it financially possible. 

May Tuned In Today give you encouragement to tune in to what matters most in your life, inspiration to embrace your creativity, and hope during burnout recovery!

I hope you will join me on this journey!